The debate continues as to which are better, human hair wigs or synthetic hair wigs. In the end, most people are able to come to the same general consensus: for a natural look, nothing beats a human hair wig. For price, synthetic wigs are best. Here are some more benefits and disadvantages of human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs.

The Differences Between Human Hair & Synthetic Hair

Most women want to look as natural as possible while wearing one, be easy to put on, and feel comfortable. Usually they want the wig to look as if it is their actual hair. Wigs are made from either synthetic fibers or human / Remy hair. For women who want the most natural looking wig, quality human hair wigs are the best choice. Like your own natural hair, a human hair wig can be cut, styled, permed, or colored to suit your personal tastes. Just as there are different types of synthetic hair, there are different types of human hair used to make wigs today. The average life span of these wig varies according to the quality of hair used to make the wig and the care given when shampooing, conditioning, and styling. Since quality human hair wigs are more expensive than a synthetic ones, you need to educate yourself. There are mass-produced, semi-custom, and custom-made human / Remy hair wigs. Custom made one will be the most expensive.

Human hair wigs are made of real natural human hair that is collected from different sources. These wigs are created by using the actual tresses of women. On the other hand, the synthetic hair wigs are made of synthetic materials. They look like the original hair, but if you look at them carefully, you will find out they are not the real hair, and they are quite different from the natural human hair. A human hair wig can be traced from its uses, and it can last for a long time if you take care of it. By contrast, a synthetic hair wig can lose its lustrous nature in a short time, and it can get tangled very easily.

In the construction of many human / Remy hair wigs, the hair is individually hand tied to a nylon mesh cap, although human cap constructions will vary among wig manufacturers. What this means for the wig wearer is versatility in styling. Wigs with a monofilament top wig cap is one of the most natural looking cap available. The entire wig may be hand tied, or the wig may have a monofilament top with machine made wefted sides and back. Be sure to ask before buying. They can be brushed and parted in any direction because the individually hand tied hairs can swivel in any direction. The hair can also be styled by using of curlers, a blow drier, or a flat iron further adding to the many styles that one can achieve.



Synthetic Hair

Wigs are used essentially to mask baldness and hair loss. They are an arrangement that looks similar to real hair growth and can be easily worn. Synthetic wigs may be worn for their real purposes or could be tried to create a new look. They are used to make up a person and generate avenues for change. People who are dealing with chronic diseases that cause irreversible hair loss may also choose to use synthetic wigs. It is apparent, that most people would not have much knowledge about synthetic wigs. For this reason, it is important to read reviews, guides and consult others before selecting a synthetic wig.

Synthetic wigs are available in various price ranges, lengths and texture. It is possible to order custom made synthetic wigs if customers are determined on a particular look. They are easily available at local stores, malls and online. Synthetic wigs are found in a wide range of colors. This includes natural hair shades and other loud colors. This includes blonde hues, brunette wigs, darker Indian colors, pink, red and blue synthetic wigs. Synthetic wigs are easy to wear and conceal elastic bands and other snap on devices. This creates a neat look, which prevents others from knowing that people are using synthetic wigs to enhance their appearance.

Synthetic wigs are created out of various artificial materials. These include monofibre, kanakelon and profibre synthetic hair varieties. Mono fibre synthetic is considered to be a superior quality alternative. Synthetic wigs may even outshine natural hair. When selecting, it is important to find a variety that looks natural and healthy. Synthetic wigs can be styled similar to natural hair. They can be managed well and users can apply gels and hair cream to create a particular look. It is advisable to adhere to maintenance instructions in order to increase longevity. They can be washed, dried and cared for on the same lines of natural hair.


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